Sorry, we’ve had to postpone this due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  More information when we have a fresh date.  Wishing everyone remains in good health.

The Institute is holding what we’ve dubbed an Examinations Extravaganza on Saturday/Sunday, 28/29 March at the Premier Inn, Bath Road near London Heathrow Airport.

With a Council who are working stenographers in all areas of the profession, it’s taken us a couple of years to write/update the exams and marking criteria but we have finally got there. This is the first time we are offering exams to become accredited by BIVR in the areas of Scopist/Editor and also Audio Transcriber.

Candidates who successfully pass will be able to use the BIVR accreditation letters after their name (AS Accredited Scopist, AAT Accredited Audio Transcriber) and, furthermore, should you choose to opt in to the public part of our website, your profile will be listed on the public pages for Find a Scopist and/or Find an Audio Transcriber, akin to the current Find a Reporter page.

There’s many other benefits to being a member of BIVR, which you can find here

Once you have completed your application and paid the fee, you will be sent a link to BIVR’s pre-requisite webinars for each category, as well as practice pieces. Experienced or novice, you may become accredited using either Eclipse or Case CATalyst (or both) in the case of an AS, or the software of your choice in the case of an AAT.

But that’s not all. We are also holding BIVR membership exams in all areas of reporting, ie. Verbatim Reporting and Speech-to-text Reporting, as well as Qualified Realtime Reporter examinations at varying levels; however, you must be a BIVR member to sit a QRR exam.  Finally, we are also holding speed exams where successful candidates will receive a speed certificate from the Incorporated Phonographic Society.  Choose your speed and Mary will read it!

For a comprehensive outline of what each exam entails, please click on this link:

Lunch will be included, as well as water/tea/coffee/biscuits throughout the day. On both days (if indeed the second day is needed) we will begin at 8 a.m. to set up and have a 30-minute warm-up, then a break so that we are ready to begin promptly at 9 a.m.  Each scoping test (for each software) will be two hours to scope a 30-minute audio where our intrepid realtime reporters have deliberately dropped or mis-stroked to enable the candidate to edit.

We will be adjusting out timings to accommodate those undertaking either one or two scoping exams (i.e., both Eclipse and Case CATalyst) on the same day, those undertaking the AAT examination as well as the QRR. The final timings will be notified to all candidates beforehand.

We will continue with exams, depending upon the take-up of this examination opportunity, on the Sunday morning (29 March).

Please indicate via email by 24 March to our Secretary, Mary Sorene, at if you are interested in taking any of the exams set out below:

Exams being offered:

£50 per exam, and £40 for each subsequent booked for this set of exams:

Scopist (Case CATalyst)

Scopist (Eclipse)

Audio Transcriber

BIVR membership

QRR – Level 1, 2, 3 or 4

Speed (£30 per speed) – held in conjunction with the Incorporated Phonographic Society)

We have tailored the Scopist examinations for the two main softwares people use in the UK.
Should anyone wish to work in other softwares and take exams, please let us know so we can make arrangements to make it work.