Verbatim court reporters cover a myriad of assignments ranging from American depositions, arbitrations, public inquiries, and regulatory health hearings.  In fact, in any setting where a transcript of the spoken word is required, our verbatim reporters will be able to assist.

Many of our ACRs also write realtime, which is when the spoken word appears as text on a device as it is spoken.  The purpose of realtime - It is important to remember the purpose for which realtime transcription is used.  In a hearing/tribunal setting, it enables the viewer: to see and/or mark immediately what was said; to scan back simultaneously to crosscheck against previous testimony (whether given on the same day or previously); and probably most importantly, to have instantly a full note of what was said and the context in which it was said, rather than the perhaps scanty notes made by others in the room.

Membership is awarded after successfully completing: Part I Practical examination in a work environment, having submitted evidence of a minimum shorthand speed of 180 wpm; and Part II Multiple-choice theory examination.