The BIVR remains the only accrediting body in the United Kingdom for verbatim reporters and is now also the only organisation examining and accrediting editors/scopists as well as audio transcribers. Organisations such as the NRCPD insist, amongst other things, on its registrants having successfully completed a BIVR membership exam before being accepted onto its register.

Being a BIVR member is a mark of excellence based on the recognition of skill, ability and standards. BIVR accreditation provides a framework for its members to learn and gain a level of proficiency in a particular area, or all areas, of the profession.

Benefits of being a Member of the BIVR:

  • BIVR Council is constantly striving to promote and protect the profession of stenography in all its forms.
  • BIVR members can opt in to appear on our Find a Professional search on the BIVR website. This affords members the opportunity to be offered work direct with a client from anywhere around the world, hence, being able to charge their own fees and also build their reputation at the same time.
  • BIVR members are able to sit BIVR exams, whether that be the Qualified Realtime Reporter exams (of varying levels) or speed examinations.
  • Once a member becomes accredited, they are permitted to use the appropriate BIVR accreditation letters after their name (MBIVR, for example).
  • Being a BIVR-accredited verbatim reporter, scopist/editor, or audio transcriber sets our members apart from those who aren’t.
  • Members find themselves in a community of like-minded professional reporters who cover all manner of assignments.  Should a member ever have a query about any assignment, there is always someone in BIVR who will be able to help.
  • Learn with your peers about updates in technology, including software, gadgets, apps and other things which can make your working life more productive.
  • Court reporting agencies abroad are recognising BIVR more and more with each passing year.
  • Members attend BIVR Annual General Meetings and training days at special members-only prices.
  • Members receive occasional members-only discounts on professional products from some of the big-name organisations such as Stenograph, Advantage Software and Realtime Coach, Stenographers World, just to name a few.
  • If you are a student, or looking to become a student, BIVR has members who are only too happy to accommodate you in your mentoring needs.
  • Members are able to be added to the BIVR members-only Facebook group (we do have a public page as well).
  • Keep up to date with all the goings-on in not only the Institute, but the industry, with The BIVR Bugle newsletter being distributed on a quarterly basis.