Membership of the BIVR is undertaken via a practical examination in a real work situation. You should first gain at least a 180 wpm speed certificate issued by an independent body; have shadowed a qualified reporter and then undertake your membership test in the field in which you will work, either verbatim reporting at disciplinary hearings etc., or as a Verbatim Speech-to-Text Reporter.

An independent speed certificate is required for those who undertake training in-house. The Incorporated Phonographic Society (IPS) offer independent shorthand speed examinations.

If you hold a qualification from another recognised body, such as the now defunct APSW (Association of Professional Shorthand Writers) or the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association), an American body, you may, at the discretion of the BIVR Council, be eligible for full BIVR membership.

Please contact to discuss Membership requirements prior to applying.

Marking Criteria

5 – Very High Achievement (VHA)
4 – High Achievement (HA)
3 – Sound Achievement (SA)
2 – Low Achievement (LA)
1 – Very Low Achievement (VLA)

Register for Membership

To register for BIVR Membership please contact