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  • Catherine Kollhof

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  • +49 151 46359543
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  • I started training in stenography at court reporting firm Smith Bernal (now Epiq) in 2003, going on to cover cases in the Royal Courts of Justice as well as arbitrations, parliamentary committees, and conferences in London and across Europe. I was then introduced to verbatim speech-to-text and worked with clients in a variety of fields of employment, from small team meetings to large international conferences. I have also worked with Stagetext covering events in theatre, comedy, and the arts. I moved to Australia in 2013 and spent five and a half years working in television live captioning. I'm now back on this side of the pond covering remote captioning needs, STT and conferences across Europe. I passed the QRR1 with distinction.

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  • Broadcast Captioning, Qualified Realtime Reporter - QRR (Accredited by BIVR), Realtime, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - Remote, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - On-site
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