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  • Melanie Ball

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  • +44 (0)7876 358830
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  • I was educated at Victoria College, Belfast and went on to obtain a BA (Hons) degree in Classics at Queen's University. Thereafter I trained as a stenographer at the College of Business Studies. I have been a Member of the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters for over thirty years.

    For the past thirty-two years I have been working as a freelance stenographer in civil and criminal hearings all over the world, specialising for the last twenty-three years in real-time reporting, having obtained LiveNote Real-time Accreditation in 1996. I also have extensive experience in US deposition work.

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  • Arbitrations, Court, Disciplinary Hearings/Regulatory Health, Realtime, Transcripts - Delayed, Transcripts - Overnight, Audio Transcriber, Scopist (Editor)
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