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  • Leah Willersdorf

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  • 07962 376 542
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  • I began training as a stenographer in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia when I was 17 years old, having wanted to be one since I was 15. I became fully qualified two years later in 1992, moved to Adelaide, South Australia to begin my career and soon decided to move to the UK in 1995, which is also when I began working as a realtime reporter.
    I have carried out assignments in every sphere of the reporting profession, ranging from court hearings to conferences, inquests to inquiries.
    I have extensive realtime experience in US depositions (patent, pharma, telecommunications, Lloyd’s reinsurance), always using American spellings where appropriate, and Canadian examinations.
    I also have vast experience in arbitrations, court hearings, disciplinary tribunals, meetings and conferences.
    I am able to cover assignments were no audio backup is permitted, as is proved by my covering a Q&A session with President Bill Clinton in March 2014 where no audio was allowed.
    I provide Speech-To-Text communication support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients.
    I travel far and wide, covering assignments around the UK, Ireland, Europe, and further afield if necessary.
    I pride myself on producing quality realtime and verbatim transcripts to a very high standard, whether with same-day delivery or a delayed turnaround.
    I offer realtime via 4th generation iPads.
    I live in Essex (very close to the Dartford Bridge) which is a 35-minute train journey to/from London.
    I drive and am willing to travel, whether by plane, train or automobile! My passport is valid and I am able to obtain visas for particular countries should it be necessary.

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  • Arbitrations, Qualified Realtime Reporter - QRR (Accredited by BIVR), Realtime, US Depositions, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - On-site
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