The National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD) “exist to protect the public by regulating communication and language professionals who work with deaf and deafblind people.” This organisation has registrants from a number of professions, including Speech-to-Text Reporters, lipspeakers and sign language interpreters.

Whilst it is not currently mandatory for STTRs/captioners to be on the Register, many of our members are long-standing registrants and submit Continuing Professional Development units for this purpose.

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  • I am a London-based, freelance BIVR-accredited Scopist/Editor and can offer a range of services within this remit, either in person or remotely.
    Having begun training/working in September 2019 with Diana Burden Ltd, I passed the BIVR-Accredited Scopist exam in September 2020.
    Most of the work I have done to date has been in international arbitration with Realtime transcripts, operating in Eclipse (v9) and delivering overnight transcripts with the use of Connection Magic. I am proficient in this software and have my own licence and equipment.
    As a result of the international nature of these hearings, I have experience with a number of different accents and understanding industry-specific terminology.
    My scoping work is balanced with work as screenwriter and author, both of which lend themselves to excellent typing skills, a high command of the English language and familiarity with Word and other word processing related software. I also have a degree in English Literature and Education Studies.

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