Qualified Realtime Reporter (QRR) exams consist of 5 minutes’ literary dictation at the varying below speeds in ascending and then descending order. Candidates are given a short glossary a week before the exam.  They are not permitted to scope/edit their file on exam day, and must achieve a 98% pass mark.  Please note that the QRR accreditation is only available to active BIVR members.

  • QRR1 = 160/170/180 wpm
  • QRR2 = 180/190/200 wpm
  • QRR3 = 200/210/220 wpm
  • QRR4 = 220/230/240 wpm
  • Lisa Cordaro

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  • 07768422474
  • lisa@stellacomms.co.uk
  • https://stellarcomms.co.uk
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  • I am a seasoned professional with over 30 years’ experience in Speech to Text Reporting.

    I was founder and past Chair of the Association of Verbatim Speech to Text Reporters (AVSTTR) and BIVR Past president-elect in 2003. I am currently a trustee of NRCPD.

    My professionalism was recognised when I was short-listed for Communication Professional of the Year Signature Awards 2014.

    I became a fully accredited Court Reporter in 1991 with a speed of 250wpm and progressed to being an NRCPD registered Speech To Text Reporter in 1996 and passed BIVR’s Qualified Realtime Reporter (QRR) examination in 2012. I remain on the NRCPD Register to the present day.

    My career commenced as a Court Reporter in the Crown Courts including the Central Criminal Court and the Royal Courts of Justice and progressed through the years to working at Court Martials and on depositions. I now practise solely the Deaf and hard of hearing and have worked as a Speech to Text Reporter/Captioner and have done so since the early 90s. I have worked for many deaf and hearing charities including the NDCS, Action on Hearing Loss and UK Council on Deafness to name a few.

    Recently I have worked for the Blue Cross and the Wellcome Trust. I also work for private companies such as Ernst Young, Barristers’ Chambers and the Judiciary. I am used to working at conferences such as UNISON. I can also work remotely for many organisations worldwide.

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  • Broadcast Captioning, Court, Disciplinary Hearings/Regulatory Health, NRCPD Registered, Parliament, Qualified Realtime Reporter - QRR, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - Remote, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - On-site
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