Qualified Realtime Reporter (QRR) exams consist of 5 minutes’ literary dictation at the varying below speeds in ascending and then descending order. Candidates are given a short glossary a week before the exam.  They are not permitted to scope/edit their file on exam day, and must achieve a 98% pass mark.  Please note that the QRR accreditation is only available to active BIVR members.

  • QRR1 = 160/170/180 wpm
  • QRR2 = 180/190/200 wpm
  • QRR3 = 200/210/220 wpm
  • QRR4 = 220/230/240 wpm
  • Alice Stewart

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  • alicetitaniastewart@gmail.com
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  • I am a London-based, freelance BIVR-accredited Scopist/Editor and can offer a range of services within this remit, either in person or remotely.
    Having begun training/working in September 2019 with Diana Burden Ltd, I passed the BIVR-Accredited Scopist exam in September 2020.
    Most of the work I have done to date has been in international arbitration with Realtime transcripts, operating in Eclipse (v9) and delivering overnight transcripts with the use of Connection Magic. I am proficient in this software and have my own licence and equipment.
    As a result of the international nature of these hearings, I have experience with a number of different accents and understanding industry-specific terminology.
    My scoping work is balanced with work as screenwriter and author, both of which lend themselves to excellent typing skills, a high command of the English language and familiarity with Word and other word processing related software. I also have a degree in English Literature and Education Studies.

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