Qualified Realtime Reporter (QRR) exams consist of 5 minutes’ literary dictation at the varying below speeds in ascending and then descending order. Candidates are given a short glossary a week before the exam.  They are not permitted to scope/edit their file on exam day, and must achieve a 98% pass mark.  Please note that the QRR accreditation is only available to active BIVR members.

  • QRR1 = 160/170/180 wpm
  • QRR2 = 180/190/200 wpm
  • QRR3 = 200/210/220 wpm
  • QRR4 = 220/230/240 wpm
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Professional Locations
Amanda Bavin UK, EU, Worldwide Hertfordshire
Andrew Howell UK, EU, Worldwide
Audrey Shirley UK, EU, Worldwide
Catherine Kollhof EU
Cecilia Sweetman UK, EU, Worldwide London
Claire Hill UK, EU, Worldwide
Deirdre O'Malley EU County Meath
Francis Barrett UK
Jennifer Sinnamon UK, EU
Joanne Petre UK, EU, Worldwide
Julie Whitaker Worldwide
Karen Faulks UK, EU, Worldwide
Kathryn Sykes UK
Katy Ryder Worldwide
Leah Willersdorf Worldwide Essex, London
Lisa Cordaro UK
Louise Pepper EU
Marea O'Brien UK
Mirella Fox UK, EU
Natalie Bracken UK, EU, Worldwide
Nicola Dutton UK, EU London
Nicole Harrison UK, EU, Worldwide
Sheryll Holley UK, EU
Susan Humphries UK, EU, Worldwide
Susan A McIntyre UK, EU, Worldwide
Wendy Osmond Worldwide Wiltshire