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  • mrsclairehill@gmail.com
  • http://www.clairehillrealtime.com/
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  • Claire has been providing realtime and daily transcripts for international arbitrations since 2008, working closely with the PCA and ICSID, as well as on ICC, UNCITRAL and ad hoc arbitrations. She can provide on-site and remote services, always using a remote scopist to keep travel costs down. The transcripts are checked against audio and relevant documents, and delivered within two hours of the end of the hearing.

    Claire has been providing on-site and remote speech to text services since 2004, is NRCPD registered and has the CRC qualification from the US NCRA. Specialising in theatre, arts and cultural work, she has worked at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2016, as well as captioning at conferences and large-screen events.

    Claire has a degree in Music and Grade 8 piano which has often been cited as the source for her steno ability. She enjoys the continuous opportunities for learning available to the profession, taking the CIArb course in international arbitration as well as learning QLab, the audio-visual software used in theatres.

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  • Arbitrations, NRCPD Registered, NCRA Certified, Qualified Realtime Reporter - QRR, Realtime, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - Remote, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - On-site
  • UK, EU, Worldwide