Verbatim court reporters (CRs) cover a myriad of assignments in any setting where a transcript of the spoken word is required. Our accredited CR members work in areas ranging from American depositions, arbitrations, public inquiries, and regulatory health hearings.

Many of our CRs also write realtime, which is when the spoken word appears as text on a device instantaneously. It is important to remember the purpose for which realtime transcription is used. In a hearing/tribunal setting, it enables the viewer:

  • to see and/or mark immediately what was said;
  • to search back simultaneously to cross-check against previous testimony (whether given on the same day or previously); and
  • probably most importantly, to have instantly a full note of what was said and the context in which it was said, rather than the perhaps scanty notes made by others in the room.
  • Francis Barrett

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  • I qualified as a court reporter in 1992 after working in Liverpool Crown Court since 1989. I am a member of BIVR as a Qualified Real-time Reporter (QRR), and I am registered as Speech To Text Reporter (STTR) with the National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf People (NRCPD). I am also a member of the Association of Verbatim Speech to Text Reporters (AVSTTR)

    I am based in the Liverpool area but I support numerous deaf or disabled and non-disabled organisations regularly all over the UK providing real-time speech to text reporting and same day transcripts for AGMs, board meetings and panels where my text is projected to a large screen for everybody to read.

    I also support numerous Access To Work clients in their employment such as employees of Birmingham, York, Chester, Wrexham City Councils. I also support a university social work lecturer, health and safety consultant, probation officer, social worker, NLHF adviser, IT consultant amongst many others.

    I also support people for benefits tribunals and PIP assessments.

    I also hold a level 1 qualification in British Sign Language (BSL) and have qualifications in IT.

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  • NRCPD Registered, Qualified Realtime Reporter - QRR, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - On-site
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