Verbatim court reporters (CRs) cover a myriad of assignments in any setting where a transcript of the spoken word is required. Our accredited CR members work in areas ranging from American depositions, arbitrations, public inquiries, and regulatory health hearings.

Many of our CRs also write realtime, which is when the spoken word appears as text on a device instantaneously. It is important to remember the purpose for which realtime transcription is used. In a hearing/tribunal setting, it enables the viewer:

  • to see and/or mark immediately what was said;
  • to search back simultaneously to cross-check against previous testimony (whether given on the same day or previously); and
  • probably most importantly, to have instantly a full note of what was said and the context in which it was said, rather than the perhaps scanty notes made by others in the room.
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    • Arbitrations
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    • US Depositions
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    Professional Locations
    Julie Whitaker Worldwide
    Wendy Osmond Worldwide
    Leah Willersdorf Worldwide
    Katy Ryder Worldwide
    Alan Bell UK, EU, Worldwide
    Amanda Bavin UK, EU, Worldwide
    Audrey Shirley UK, EU, Worldwide
    Cecilia Sweetman UK, EU, Worldwide
    Ian Roberts UK, EU, Worldwide
    Joanne Petre UK, EU, Worldwide
    Karen Faulks UK, EU, Worldwide
    Laura Harrison UK, EU, Worldwide
    Sharon Golder UK, EU, Worldwide
    Susan A McIntyre UK, EU, Worldwide
    Susan Humphries UK, EU, Worldwide
    Andrew Howell UK, EU, Worldwide
    Alison Stockwell UK, EU, Worldwide
    Natalie Bracken UK, EU, Worldwide
    Nicole Harrison UK, EU, Worldwide
    Sarah Edwards UK, EU, Worldwide
    Tom Chamberlain UK, EU, Worldwide
    Claire Hill UK, EU, Worldwide
    Georgina Ford UK, EU, Worldwide
    Elaine McCarthy UK, EU
    Ann Lloyd UK, EU
    Mary Krelle UK, EU
    Michelle Coffey UK, EU
    Nicola Dutton UK, EU
    Sheryll Holley UK, EU
    Mirella Fox UK, EU
    Victoria Davies UK, EU
    Jennifer Sinnamon UK, EU
    Ellenmarie Ward UK, EU
    Heather Casali UK
    Karen Wedge UK
    Kathryn Sykes UK
    Lynn Taylor UK
    Lisa Cordaro UK
    Claire Apperley UK
    Francis Barrett UK
    John Larking UK
    Alice Stewart UK
    Marea O'Brien UK
    Louise Pepper EU
    Deirdre O'Malley EU
    Orla Pearson EU
    Catherine Kollhof EU
    Melanie Ball EU