Speech-to-Text Reporting (also more commonly known as captioning) is an area of realtime work providing communication support for the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, as well as people whose first language is not English. Hearing people also benefit from the services of an STTR. Captioning assignments include meetings, conferences, festivals, museums, seminars, lectures, or one-to-one support. The captioner can be either onsite or remote.

The primary role of an STTR is to provide communication support, not to provide a legal, official transcript. If and when a text-format document is provided by the STTR, this is purely as an aide-memoir for the service user and has no legal standing, i.e., it cannot be quoted in the Court of Appeal, for example. A disclaimer to this effect will accompany an STTR’s transcript:

DISCLAIMER: Live captioning is provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility. This document contains the real-time captions in a text format, and has not been edited, proofread, or corrected. It is not an official, legal transcript and is not certified to be true and correct. It may contain computer-generated mistranslations of palantype/stenotype code and/or electronic transmission errors, resulting in inaccurate or nonsensical word combinations.

  • Heather Casali

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  • 07722 919 757
  • Heathercasali.stenography@gmail.com
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  • Having completed a Court Reporting 225 wpm evening programme in New York in 1993, in 2000, I began working for the BBC on their Broadcast Stenography Training Programme.
    At the BBC and later Red Bee Media and Ericsson, I worked across all channels at BBC, Sky News, Sky Sports, Channel 4, Channel 5 and BT Sport. I captioned all genres of live output including news, documentary, sports, and entertainment.

    I now enjoy providing verbatim real-time speech to text communication support one-to-one, onsite or remotely for clients and for larger audiences in lectures, conferences, galleries, and for theatre and the arts.
    In 2019 I completed Signature’s Level 1 Deaf Awareness and am registered
    with National Registers for Communication Professionals (NRCPD).
    Member: British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR)
    Member: Association of Verbatim Speech to Text Reporters (AVSTTR)
    Services offered: Verbatim STTR and Broadcast Captioning – Remote and onsite.
    Locations: UK

  • Broadcast Captioning, NRCPD Registered, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - Remote, Verbatim STTR/Captioning - On-site
  • UK