Excellent vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are just some of the skills required of a scopist/editor. BIVR-accredited scopists have demonstrated the requisite level of understanding of these skills, as well as an ability to understand technology and use bespoke software, and, importantly, being able to work under pressure and as part of a team.

The terms “scopist” and “editor” are commonly used terms to describe someone who works alongside the stenographer, and they play an integral role in finalising the transcript, whether for same-day or delayed delivery. According to Scope School, an internet scoping school run by Linda Evenson: “Scoping is what the court reporting industry calls editing. If a court reporter is the writer, a scopist is the editor.”

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  • Hi, I am Caroline Booth and I have been a Qualified Real-time Reporter (QRR) since 2002. I cover Live Captioning (onsite and virtual) events/meetings etc in a variety of fields including Government, Financial, IT Tech and Charity, and Retail Clients, Sport, Unions, wherever they may occur around the UK. The start of my career was in the Court space. I am based in Berkshire.
    I commenced Stenographer Training in September 1994 at Kensington College of Business, and completed the two year course in one year. I became a fully accredited Court Reporter in September 1996, and worked at St Albans Crown Court. After 6 years as a Court Reporter, I commenced training to become an STTR and qualified in 2002, passing the CACDP (as was at the time) Deaf Awareness Exam. I have also served on the council of both Professional Bodies, AVSTTR & BIVR in the past, and have 20 years’ experience captioning in various fields. This includes union conferences for 15 years, large tech conferences eg. Microsoft, large NHS conferences, TUC conferences, UNISON Conferences, various other public industries. I also work for Government, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and in the Charity Sector. I am based in Berkshire – near Reading. I am also a Partner of CJ Captioning: www.cjcaptioning.co.uk

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