Excellent vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are just some of the skills required of a scopist/editor. BIVR-accredited scopists have demonstrated the requisite level of understanding of these skills, as well as an ability to understand technology and use bespoke software, and, importantly, being able to work under pressure and as part of a team.

The terms “scopist” and “editor” are commonly used terms to describe someone who works alongside the stenographer, and they play an integral role in finalising the transcript, whether for same-day or delayed delivery. According to Scope School, an internet scoping school run by Linda Evenson: “Scoping is what the court reporting industry calls editing. If a court reporter is the writer, a scopist is the editor.”

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    Professional Locations
    Julie Whitaker Worldwide
    Wendy Osmond Worldwide Wiltshire
    Leah Willersdorf Worldwide Essex, London
    Katy Ryder Worldwide
    Alan Bell UK, EU, Worldwide Kent
    Amanda Bavin UK, EU, Worldwide Hertfordshire, London
    Audrey Shirley UK, EU, Worldwide
    Cecilia Sweetman UK, EU, Worldwide London
    Ian Roberts UK, EU, Worldwide
    Joanne Petre UK, EU, Worldwide Lancashire
    Karen Faulks UK, EU, Worldwide Kent
    Laura Harrison UK, EU, Worldwide
    Sharon Golder UK, EU, Worldwide
    Susan A McIntyre UK, EU, Worldwide
    Susan Humphries UK, EU, Worldwide
    Andrew Howell UK, EU, Worldwide
    Alison Stockwell UK, EU, Worldwide
    Natalie Bracken UK, EU, Worldwide
    Nicole Harrison UK, EU, Worldwide Essex
    Sarah Edwards UK, EU, Worldwide
    Melanie Ball UK, EU, Worldwide County Down
    Tom Chamberlain UK, EU, Worldwide
    Claire Hill UK, EU, Worldwide
    Georgina Ford UK, EU, Worldwide
    Elaine McCarthy UK, EU
    Ann Lloyd UK, EU
    Mary Krelle UK, EU
    Michelle Coffey UK, EU County Wicklow
    Nicola Dutton UK, EU London
    Sheryll Holley UK, EU Mid Glamorgan
    Mirella Fox UK, EU
    Victoria Davies UK, EU
    Jennifer Sinnamon UK, EU
    Ellenmarie Ward UK, EU
    Christine Kriehn UK Surrey
    Heather Casali UK Kent
    Karen Wedge UK
    Kathryn Sykes UK
    Lynn Taylor UK
    Lisa Cordaro UK
    Caroline Booth UK Berkshire
    Claire Apperley UK
    Francis Barrett UK
    John Larking UK
    Alice Stewart UK East Sussex
    Marea O'Brien UK County Tyrone
    Euan Williams UK Buckinghamshire
    Miriam Boston UK Wiltshire
    Louise Pepper EU
    Deirdre O'Malley EU County Meath
    Orla Pearson EU
    Rebekah Lamplough EU
    Catherine Kollhof EU