Suffragettes’ banner for Shorthand Writers

By Leah Willersdorf on

“This year marks a century since women won the right to vote in Britain. Remarkably, a number of the banners that were carried through the streets by the early-20th-century campaigners have survived,” says Leaf Arbuthnot, who got up close and personal with some of those brightly embroidered banners on display at the Women’s Library at the London School of Economics.

Arbuthnot went on to say, “Leaning in to admire the needlework, I was acutely aware of the effort that had gone into every single one.  The banners were both feminine and radical, domestic and political; cannily crafted PR tools and artworks in their own right.” 

The article was written in yesterday’s ‘The Sunday Times Magazine’, and in the article was this image of the Shorthand Writers banner.  With the catchphrase “Speed Fight On”, the banner was to be used for a procession on 13 June 1908.  

Thank you, Ladies!