Wendy Osmond QRR3 CRC NRCPD-registered

email - osmondwendy@gmail.com
web - "Coming soon"

Wendy specialises in remote realtime transcription from her home in Wiltshire.  Along with more traditional legal realtime transcription, Wendy provides remote speech-to-text for conference calls, meetings, lectures, webcasts, hearings and conferences as well as live captions for tours of museums, galleries and other art venues.  Wendy also provides live TV subtitles, currently specialising in sports coverage.

Wendy is a Registered NRCPD Speech-to-Text Reporter and has passed the Higher Plus Qualified Realtime Reporter examination, at speeds of 200-220 wpm, as well as the Highest QRR  (QRR3).  She is also a Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC) with the National Court Reporters Association, USA.

Wendy is happy to mentor steno students who might be in need of some advice and encouragement whilst training in this challenging but highly rewarding career.



  • London
  • Rest of England

Service Types:

  • Broadcast Captioning
  • Interactive Remote Conferencing
  • QRR
  • Realtime
  • Remote Verbatim STT
  • Transcript (Delayed)
  • Transcript (Overnight)
  • Verbatim STT
  • Webcasting
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