Reminder: Looming deadline – Friday, 8 August

By Leah Willersdorf on

The deadline for nominations for both BIVR Council and also for the recipient of the 2019 Betty Willett Award are Friday, 8 July.

Please email

Want to be on BIVR Council or perhaps you would like to nominate someone else?

Nominations for Council: What does it mean to be on Council? It is not an “in name only” role. That means that a council member must be proactive and contribute to all discussions/topics/issues we are dealing with at any given time (and rest assured, these are many and varied). It is not enough to be on the Council just so you can say you are on the Council. Being proactive is synonymous with this role.

We hold up to six meetings a year around the country, with one of those being a two-dayer, which we on Council affectionately call our Weekender. This year’s Weekender is being held this coming weekend and we’ve a lot of business to get through. We do expect all council members to participate in meetings, preferably in person but we understand sometimes it is necessary via Skype/FaceTime, etc. We are a council, after all, and everybody’s views matter and are necessary in order to have an array of opinions so that we can make well-informed decisions.

In between these meetings there is always group email correspondence going on dealing with matters, and these, too, must be responded to so that we can get everybody’s views.

Thankfully we have Mary to keep us on our toes and ensure our adherence to, for example, the Mem & Arts. Mary also produces our Minutes, is our Treasurer, does copious amounts of photocopying, organises venues, and the list goes on. And on.

And finally, in this sometimes isolating profession, being on Council allows you to catch up and socialise with people who become your pals, though of course that shouldn’t be your main reason for wanting to be on Council.

The Betty Willett Award 2019-2020:

Awarded for “Outstanding Contribution to the Profession”, please let us know in a paragraph or two why you think your nominee should receive the award, remembering they must be a BIVR member. All nominations are gratefully received and will be considered by Council this weekend.

Once our new website is up, there will be a Roll of Honour to pay tribute to the recipients of The Betty Willett Award glass plaque. Who would YOU like to see receive this year’s award? Let us know by Friday! Members nominate, and Council decide.

For those who may not have yet seen a copy of our BAW2019 booklet, the below picture is page 38, which includes some words from Claire Hill, our 2018-2019 recipient.

(Please remember that serving members of Council are exempt from nomination)