Keeping touch with BIVR on Facebook and Twitter

By Leah Willersdorf on

picture of facebook logos jumbled together

If you’re coming to our site for the first time, or if you’re a member who doesn’t use social media, you might not know we’re on both Facebook and Twitter:

Both of these public social media accounts can be accessed even if you do not use
Facebook or Twitter.

The easiest way, from the website, to find us is to click “f” for Facebook or the Twitter icon (the bird) in the top right-hand corner of our site.

Our social media campaign for Legalex

We had a fantastic Twitter and Facebook campaign throughout Legalex, including short-burst videos of 30ish seconds, so be sure to check them out. Like this one!

Also on Twitter now we are doing our best to keep up with members’ work posts and have
set our notifications accordingly, ie. to notify us of posts.

If your Twitter account is public, we will retweet your post and end our tweet with a hashtag: #BIVRMember. Hashtags help to identify content and can be used by other members to find relevant twitter posts. If your account is private and you want us to tweet one of your posts, there are ways we can still do that, and we can discuss that as and when, but rest assured it will not be done without your direct consent.

Private Facebook group for BIVR members

In addition to these public accounts, we have a members-only Facebook group. In this
group we post a myriad of things, including offers of work and funny reporting-related memes, as well as something a member has found elsewhere on Facebook and wants to share.