Orla Pearson

Elected on to Council on 8 September 2018, I trained at the only full-time stenography course in Europe achieving speeds of over 200 words a minute. I joined the BBC Access Services team. The department had established a subtitling department but were looking to expand and grow the service. I was sent to the US to hone my skills. The team achieved a lot of firsts; the first overnight subtitled broadcast, introducing sports subtitling, specialist live children’s subtitling and the longest-recorded subtitled stint making the Guinness Book of Records! I moved into managing the captioning team for a number of years.

Looking for new challenges and to connect more with the people using the service brought a move into freelance captioning. The speech-to-text field seemed the next logical step and I passed registration first time to become a Registered Speech to Text Reporter with NRCPD.