Alan Bell

Council member, Elected September 2018.

Elected on to Council on 8 September 2018, I trained with JL Harpham in 1988 and worked in Newcastle Crown Court until 1995. I wanted to write realtime, or certainly broaden my career, so I applied to the BBC for captioning and was offered a position. However, I had also met Jenny Chandler in my trip to London and decided to take a position with Marten Walsh Cherer, which seemed closer to what I already knew.
I worked for 20 years for MWC, covering a lot of Patents and other court cases in the High Court, arbitrations, depositions, conferences, disciplinary hearings – and probably other things I’ve forgotten about.
In 2014 I dipped my toe into the world of STTR work and enjoyed it very much, so by 2016 I decided to become freelance and worked for most of the year doing entirely STTR. I then shifted my focus a little and moved back to some of the more court reporter-type of work. I have spent much of the last year travelling to the Middle East and India working on arbitrations and also covering depositions in London and further afield – even as far as Cwmbran!