Captioning Awareness Week 2018 begins…

By Leah Willersdorf on

Today saw the beginning of CAW 2018 and what a week it’s going to be!

Captioning Awareness Week is a campaign run by our friends over at Stagetext, the UK’s leading charity for all things access in the field of arts & culture.  This annual initiative helps to raise the profile of accessibility and it also showcases how valuable captions and live subtitles are in the world of theatre, and arts & culture.

Want to know how you can help?  Check out their Facebook page, Follow them on Instagram and Twitter, or just head on over to their website for more details, as well as the full schedule for upcoming captioned events, as well as special events this week…

The first big event was an Open Day today, attended by our very own secretary, Mary Sorene (seen below trying out glasses) and the event was captioned by BIVR Members!

We wish Melanie Sharpe, Deepa Shastri, Richard France, and all the team at Stagetext a wonderful week ahead!