Code of Ethics

Members of BIVR shall:

  • Uphold the reputation of the profession at all times.
  • Honour all professional commitments.
  • Be respectful at all times towards colleagues and members of other professions.
  • Avoid any action that will adversely affect the good standing of the profession.
  • Always declare a personal or prejudicial interest which could affect any party to proceedings.
  • Maintain confidentiality and treat any information gained in the course of an assignment as privileged and not to be communicated to any third party, without authorisation.
  • Not derive any gain from privileged information acquired in the course of work undertaken.
  • Act in an impartial manner, not giving advice or personal opinion in relation to topics discussed or people present at proceedings.
  • Practise only in proceedings where they have sufficient skill, experience, competence and qualifications to do so.
  • Agree terms and conditions of any assignment before accepting work.
  • Make every effort to maintain and develop professional skills and knowledge.